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Uric Acid Meter

The first step toward maintaining healthy levels is to know precisely what those levels are with a uric acid meter. The optimum average level for uric acid in human blood is 6mg per deciliter. Uric acid occurs naturally and is nothing to worry about, unless those numbers are too high.

There are a number of things that can lead to high uric acid levels. An overabundance of uric acid can cause crystals which, when they amass in a joint like the big toe, can cause all kinds of pain and discomfort. Certain foods, including meats and beans, can raise uric acid levels. One way too much uric acid shows itself is with gout; a disorder that used to be called a disease of kings. Why? Because a diet rich in meat is one of the leading causes of gout. Back in the day, only wealthy people could afford to eat enough meat to give themselves gout. There's no reason to pay high lab fees when our easy to use home blood test is so reliable. Our at-home uric acid meter and home test kit is user friendly and very easy to learn.

This condition of having too much uric acid buildup is called hyperuricemia, and it can cause  uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms. There are many causes of uric acid buildup, and various ways to treat the problem. Other risk factors include drinking alcohol in excess and taking diuretic medications or immune-suppressing drugs. The obese and those suffering with an underactive thyroid may have a propensity toward developing hyperuricemia. A uric acid meter is a good way to monitor blood levels, so corrective action can be taken, if necessary. Monitor your uric acid blood levels with an easy-to-use at home uric acid tester. If you see your levels are going up incrementally, you can modify your diet to inhibit the collection of uric acid crystals.
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