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Gout Test

The automatic lance included with Home Lab Diagnostics gout test makes it simple to draw the small amount of blood required to perform the test. The lancing device is clean and quick and the spring load mechanism means you never have to deal with the hesitation of fear. Just let the device do the work.

There are a variety of reasons your doctor would order a test to check for uric acid levels. Gout is probably the most common reason your health care practitioner would order such testing. Our in-home gout test kit is easy to use and simple to learn. Is our at-home gout test as accurate as a lab test? Yes, it is. If your doctor recommends that you closely monitor your uric acid blood levels, you would benefit from owning your own private testing kit. If you follow the instructions, our test provides results as reliable as gout tests done in a professional lab.

The best way to avoid future bouts of painful gout is to monitor your blood at home with an easy-to-use uric acid self test. If you see your blood levels going up, you can modify your diet to decrease uric acid crystals and keep them from collecting in your joints. Our at-home uric acid and gout test kits are user friendly and more affordable than doctor visits and professional laboratory tests. Experts agree that if blood level of uric acid is greater than six grams per deciliter, chances of suffering a painful attack of gout are exponentially increased. When calibrated correctly, a home uric acid gout test can be a reliable way to monitor uric acid levels yourself. A home test is bound to be more convenient than making the trip to a clinic and lab every time your doctor wants to monitor your numbers. A home test is generally more affordable than a laboratory test, too.

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