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Ways To Test Yourself For Anemia At Home

Anemia is a condition in which body organs and tissues are lacking in oxygen because of low red blood cell count or malfunctioning red blood cells. There are over four hundred types of anemia, and they can all go into three basic categories; nutritional, early acquired, or genetic anemia. Below, you will find information about […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes gout?

The simple answer—excess uric acid. When uric acid levels in the blood exceeds normal, (because of excessive production in the body and/or high-uric acid diet), the excess acid forms tiny crystals, which then gets lodged into the internal crevices of the body (mostly the joints and the tendons), disrupting normal functions and causing swelling, pressure, tenderness, and severe pain. While scientists and professionals are not exactly clear on why these painful gout inflammations develop, one of the most common factors that increase risk is a diet that is high in purine.

Do I have gout?

Gout attacks are unpredictable. Symptoms may develop slowly or rapidly over a few hours and then last for days, after which the problem area (joint) may start feeling normal again, completely free from pain or discomfort. First gout attacks commonly target the joint of the big toe, with symptoms often developing at night, although signs can also occur any time. Watch out for common gout symptoms like inflammation, peeling and itchy or red and shiny skin over the joint and swelling and intense pain in the affected area. Read more...

Why buy from Homelabdiagnostics?

Homelab Diagnostics was started by a gout sufferer looking for a way to improve his chances of preventing another attack. We are the ONLY distributor based in the United States and we ship quickly from Florida and stand by all that we sell with our 30 day guarantee. If you have a question you can call us, leave your number and we will get back to you, we speak English. Try to get that kind of service from Paris, Indonesia or China.
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